Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids | Happy Meditating

Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids | Happy Meditating

Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids

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Yoga Meditation is something which adds to its power to relieve stress. Nowadays due to this pandemic situation our children can’t go out and play outdoor games and it results their health. So we can do a simple and easy poses of yoga at home which effects their body to good health.

Iam here to share with you all…  Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids which helps their body to be activate all the times. Lets see…

Meditation: (Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids)

“Meditation is a process of turning inward, claming the mind and practicing presence.”

Yoga Breath Meditation: (Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids)

  • A claming breath meditation designed to introduce kids to mindfulness.
  • Kids imagine a sail boat rising and falling over waves as they inhale and exhale.
  • They use mental imagery to see their breath as colour as they observe the sensation of it passing through the nostrils.

Could Yoga and meditation be a good choice for kids just like adults? 

  • By practicing yoga poses and meditation ,children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence and concentrate better.
  • Because kids encounter emotional, social and physical challenges or conflicts, a dedicated and international yoga and mindful practices that includes breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures can be incredibly valuable.
  • Meditation and yoga is something kids can practice anywhere and the way kids  learn to act or react to situations, will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness.
  • plus, yoga is portable and no mat, no shoes, no special wear or special clothing or special pillow is needed.

Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids | Happy Meditating


Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for kids :

1. Boost up Emotional Health:

  • Overcoming fear is another challenge for youngsters as they’re growing up during this fast-paced world. Fears, like not being accepted and not having friends also because the primal fears of death and losing loved ones, can trouble children.
  • Emotional stability is essential for healthy growth. These great leaders of the longer term will got to have courage and emotional strength.
  • Meditation allows children to return to their natural rhythm and helps them deal with the emotions of frustration and fear.
  • It helps to balance the entire system by supporting emotional development and provides rest to the mind in order that they’re not overwhelmed by their strong feelings.

2. Increases Focus:

  • We live in a world of distractions. More and more lately , kids seem unable to specialise in anything for any decent length of your time . Yoga can help with that. Meditation teaches kids to be present, and to concentrate and focus on their breathing.
  • They find out how the breath can help them throughout the day, in any situation. They learn to focus on the pose by learning correct body alignment, and in so doing, learn to focus on their bodies and how they function—guiding each limb or part of the body through the nuances of the poses and meditations.

3. Improves physically:

  • There are also physical benefits as it calms the nervous system and decreases stress hormones. Studies have shown benefits for gastrointestinal symptoms, obesity, headaches, high blood pressure, pain sensitivity, and immune function.

Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids | Happy Meditating

4. Balloon Breath:

  • Relax your body and begin to take deep inhales and slow exhales through the nose. Start to require a slow, deep breath to fill your belly up with air, as if you’re trying to magnify an enormous balloon. Expand your belly as much as you can.
  • Slowly let the air out of the balloon (through the nose) as you release the breath from the belly. Encourage your kids to feel their entire body relax whenever they exhale, whenever air is slowly being released from the balloon.
  • You can even make a “hissing” noise to encourage them to hamper the exhale even more, “Like letting air out of the balloon.”
    Continue for several minutes.

5. Improves Sleep:

  • Kids who practice meditation can strengthen their system , lower stress, and even improve their sleeping.
  • In fact, the best times to meditate are right when you wake up and right before you go to sleep.
  • Meditating before bed allows for deeper sleep, keeping your child well-rested and prepared for school or other activities.

6. Changes the brain:

  • Research has shown that when children practice meditation on a daily basis, it can change the brain. There is neuroplasticity.
  • What this means is that our brains are not as fixed as once thought.
  • Through meditation, brain centers for emotions and executive functioning are often changed and help children during a sort of ways.

Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids | Happy Meditating

So I Hope you get Six Benefits Yoga Meditation for Kids, Give a try with your kids and happy meditating!

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