Best 5 Health Benefits of Classical Dance Form | 2020

Best 5 Health Benefits of Classical Dance Form | 2020

Best 5 Health Benefits of Classical Dance Form | 2020 

Hello everyone, Ashwathy here Today I will be sharingBest 5 Health Benefits of Classical Dance form which will help you to keep a good and active lifestyle.

What is Dance and its Benefits : (benefits of classical dance)

Dance therapy is a recognized form of complementary medicine, primarily used with treatment intent. Additionally, recreational classical dance forms has shown to be beneficial in individuals and also with certain physical, stress, and psychological disabilities.

Indian classical dances are believed to cure anxiety and depression, prevent musculoskeletal problems by improving posture, keep a sharp concentration mindset, body-awareness, and neuromuscular coordination.

Dance has always been a part of human culture, rituals, religion, and celebrations. Today, most dancing is about the recreation of story and self-expression, we make use of Indian Classical Dance forms will help our people get over the difficulties of illness and disease.

We understand that dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and to stay fit and keep our body healthy. So let’s start…

Best 5 Health Benefits of Classical Dance form :

1.Bharatanatyam : (benefits of classical dance)

Health benefits of Dance

  • It is a beautiful dance form to absorb if you need a passion for fitness and love for the art! It is a beautiful combination or mix of rhythm, melody, and expressions.
  • It’s an ideal exercise for the body and mind. It’s a good health benefits dance form.
  • In this dance form 3 aspects are there which completes the dance form are follows:
  1. Nritta highlights movements of eyes, neck, and arms without conveying any meaning.
  2. Nritya highlights artistic signs and facial expressions giving ‘bhava’ (mood or sentiment) to the body movements.
  3. Natya expresses the visual expression of the meaning of the dramatic or poetic composition of the song being performed. A perfect combination of all three aspects makes a majestic dance performance.
  • As I said before, Bharatanatyam is not just a dance, but an engaging way to increase one’s physical and mental health. If performed with complete dedication, this could be as good as yoga.
  • This is a good way to keep a fit body and learn something new style of dance at the same time.
  • So if you want to lose your fat and shape up your arms and thighs through an interesting activity, get on the floor with a pair of ‘ghungroos’. This will bring a healthy smile to your face.
  • The dance needs the performer to recollect a large number of dance steps (Hastas, Mudras, and Karanas), and perform them in sync with the story or song.
  • This sharpens the mental skills and concentration of your mind.

2. Kathak: (benefits of d classical dance)

Health benefits of Dance

  • This dance form, which originated in North India, is all about spin or round motion, feet movement, and expressions. Kathak’s uniqueness lies in fast spinning and strong footwork that releases impatience, stress, and pressure.
  • It also helps in keeping the back perfect. “This dance form build-up the spine. People who all are in plain or suffer from severe spondylitis can benefit from this dance form,”

3. Odissi : (benefits of classical dance)

health benefits of dance

  • Dance has the possibility to motivate and excite people, and it can be a way of engaging in physical activity.
  • Scientific proves that Odissi dance will enhance physical activity could have a positive effect on physical fitness, and it also enhances lung function, lung capacity, flexibility, and aerobic capacity.
  • One such dance form is “Odissi.” As physical activity well-being and a creative art form, it is believed that Odissi can make an important contribution to the healthy-living agenda.
  • It enhances total body movement, which helps to upgrade circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, and muscular systems.
  • This communicative dance form helps improve posture, strengthening the arch of the foot and fingers, eye, neck, and muscles.
  • Thus, Odissi comes up to forward to put forward not only its rich culture but also its benefits, which apply to health and a good lifestyle.

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4. Mohiniyattam:

  • Mohiniyattam is a classical dance from god’s of country (Kerela) where the dancer uses her feet and hands to convey a story which they play.
  • The body movements are mainly volutions and revolutions which means in a flow.
  • Such rhythmic moves demand the body to be in good shape, especially the waist.
  • As with other dance forms, Mohiniyattam greatly improves or increases the stamina and strength of performers.
  • While providing performers with an enhanced visual sense, Mohiniyattam enhances blood circulation and works out muscles of the body.

5. Kuchipudi :

  • The therapeutic (treatment) effects of Kuchipudi dance are formed in its elegance and graceful movements.
  • With moment wise emotions, monumental postures and musical moves of the dancer, Kuchipudi is more than sheer (graceful) dancing.
  • More than any other dance form, Kuchipudi works on the body balance (equilibrate) of the dancers a lot.
  • Attractiveness dance moves are performed while balancing the whole body on a brass plate with a vessel or pot (matka) one’s head.
  • This dance form is to decrease the risks of osteoporosis by strengthening bones, especially those of the legs.


So, Thankyou for visiting my blog! and I hope you got some useful health benefits of classical dance and do any one form of classical dance.

happy dancing! stay tuned for the next post keep inspiring!

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