5 Types of Asthma | Symptoms, and Causes

5 Types of Asthma | Symptoms, and Causes

5 Types of Asthma | Symptoms, and Causes

Hello all! Today I am up with an important health topic in today’s lifestyle which we are not aware of this disease Types of asthma their symptoms, and causes… So let could be started!

What is Asthma? (Types of asthma)

Asthma may be a chronic lung disorder that will make breathing difficult. It features narrow, inflamed airways (bronchial tubes). “Asthma” is an Ancient Greek word sense “short breath,” and because the name implies, it can leave you gasping for air. One of the telltale signs of an asthma attack is wheezing with difficulty breathing.

Treatment may include lifestyle changes, activity reduction, allergy Shots, and medications to prevent or reverse the bronchospasm.

Types of Asthma : 

1. Childhood Asthma: (Types of asthma)

types of asthma


  • Asthma is that the commonest serious chronic disease of childhood, affecting nearly six million children within us. Asthma in children is the cause of almost four million physician visits and 200,000 hospitalizations each year and is a major cause of school absenteeism.
  • Children with asthma will cough, wheeze and knowledge chest tightness and shortness of breath. Many parents don’t realize that a chronic cough could also be the sole symptom of asthma and conversely, that a toddler doesn’t need to wheeze to possess asthma.
  • Children with reactive airway disease, recurrent bronchitis, or wheezy bronchitis probably have asthma in several forms. Some children with chronic cough don’t have asthma and can never develop it.
  • Your allergy and immunology specialist can help decide if your child really has asthma and what the longer term holds for your child.

2. Intermittent Asthma : (Types of asthma)types of asthma

  • When you experience asthma symptoms only a few days during a week or it flares up twice or thrice during a month in the dark time, the condition is referred to as intermittent asthma.
  • This form of asthma is comparatively mild which is why healthcare providers sometimes ask it as ‘mild intermittent asthma’. The condition rarely triggers any visible symptoms frequently in comparison to other types of asthmas.
  • Therefore, anyone diagnosed with the condition shouldn’t consider it to be a totally risk-free concern and it still requires appropriate treatment at the proper time.

3. Occupational Asthma : (Types of asthma)

types of asthma

  • Occupational asthma is caused by substances breathed in at work, like dust, chemicals, fumes, and animal fur.
  • You may are at your home of labor for weeks, months, or maybe years before you begin having asthma symptoms.
  • This is because it takes a short time for your system to become sensitive to workplace triggers.
  • But once you’ve become sensitive to a substance at work, it can trigger asthma symptoms subsequent time you are available in contact with it – it’s just in small amounts.

4. Exercise-induced Asthma :

types of asthma

  • According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AAFA), the other term for exercise-induced asthma is exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB).
  • It is a lung condition. EIB is when the tubes that bring air in and out of the lungs suddenly get narrow once you exercise. It is sometimes called exercise-induced asthma.
  • This asthma can occur in people who don’t have asthma. It can even occur in healthy athletes who don’t have asthma and can also occur in people who have allergies.

5. Adult-Onset Asthma:

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  • Many people develop asthma in childhood. Individuals who develop asthma as adults are said to possess adult-onset asthma.
  • It is possible to first develop asthma at age 50, 60, or maybe later in life. Adult-onset asthma may or might not be caused by allergies.

Symptoms of asthma :

most common symptoms seen in all ages are :


Causes of AsNot every one with asthma has equivalent symptoms within the same way. You might not have all of these symptoms, or you might have different symptoms at different times. The symptoms may additionally vary from one asthma episode to subsequent, being mild during one and severe during another 

Causes of Asthma:

The airways of a person with asthma are very sensitive and react to several things, or “triggers.” Asthma “triggers” are those things that make the airways tighten and become inflamed. Contact with these triggers causes asthma symptoms. Sometimes a trigger brings on a reaction directly, but other times it’s going to take several hours or days before symptoms begin. One of the most important parts of asthma control is to identify your triggers and then avoid them when possible. The only trigger you are doing not want to avoid is exercise. Pre-treatment with medicines before exercise can allow you to remain active yet avoid asthma symptoms.

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