12 Signs That Tell You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

12 Signs That Tell You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

12 Signs That Tell You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Hey hello everyone, so all says “drink plenty water” you know why…? Let’s see 12 Signs that tell you are not drinking enough water…

Drinking enough water

Our body includes around 60 – 70 percent water. If we do not take it up from time to time, this quantity can less significantly. Drinking water is important to stay healthy, but only a few of us really drink or intake water when we need it.

How many times have you heard someone tells you that you don’t drink enough or sufficient water?

How many times have you felt that you do not drink sufficient water every day?

We lose water from our bodies every day by day. Be it through simple methods like breathing, sweating, crying, urination and stools even, our bodies can get dehydrated very simply or easily. Our body usually gives us subtle signs to points or shows that we are not drinking or having enough water, but many of us don’t take it seriously. If we respond to these signals signs, the body water content would remain quite normal. If we don’t, we could get dehydrated and get diseases easily.

Water, water let’s all share,

Water, water use with care.

When water goes down the drain,

It ends up to be a pain!

Drinking enough water

Many of beauty experts, nutritionist and even your health conscious friends or family advices you to drink plenty water. Keep yourself hydrated always and be healthy life style so lets see what are the signs that we are not drinking enough water…

12 Signs that tell you are not drinking enough water : (drinking enough water)

1. Dark urine : (drinking enough water)

  • Your kidneys need water to properly function and flush out the toxins present in your body system.
  • Without enough water intake, your kidneys will retain more and more water which will lead to decreased urination.
  • Not only that, but the next time you urinate, it will contain a concentrated or focused amount of toxins which will make it darker urine in colour and produce a stronger or bad odour.
  • So Drink more water to to reduce dark urine.

2. Constant Hunger and Sugar Cravings :

  • Without proper water intake, your body will faces trouble producing energy from its glucose stores.
  • As a result, you will start feeling hunger always and start craving sugary foods like chocolate, cookies, candies, sugar drinks and so on.
  • If this is happening to you, that is if you are feeling hungry even after eating your foods, then it might be a sign that you are dehydrated body.

Drinking enough water

3.Weight gain : (drinking enough water)

  • This follows from the previous point. If drinking less amount of water makes you more hungry, then it can also lead to weight gain problem.
  • Furthermore, being dehydrated body, reduces your metabolic rate, which also factors into weight gain issues.

4. Poor Skin Health : (drinking enough water)

  • If you are dehydrated all the time, your skin cells will also not have sufficient or enough water.
  • This means that your body skin will start looking dry, less elastic, patches irritating, itching, flaky and might even lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and slight sagging of skin.
  • Alsos since water helps or benefits to remove toxins from your system, a lack or less of it means a build-up of toxins which can lead to acne and pimples in your skin.

5. Dry Eyes : (drinking enough water)

  • Without water, your tear ducts will start to dry up and won’t be able to moisten your eyes.
  • Hence, your eyes will become frustrating irritated and bloodshot red.
  • Having dry eyes is not a pleasant or good feeling, and can be easily avoided if you frequently drink the recommended amount of water or properly water intake.

6. Muscle Cramps :

  • Excessive or more amount of sweating persons can lead to dehydration.
  • And if your body doesn’t have enough water to produce any more sweat, then it can lead to muscle pains, aches etc.
  • You always see that, the body sweats to cool itself. So if you are present in a hot environment surroundings and dehydrated, then that heat is going to affect your muscles which will lead to severe muscle cramps or aches.

7. Mood Swings :

  • As you can see, dehydration plays a lot of uncomfortable feelings which can sum or mix up to a general sense of irritability or bad mood.
  • Nobody likes to feel lethargic with a dry mouth feel and a always or constant brain fog.
  • In fact, there has been a study that shows us improper hydration plays to mood swings and a feeling of irritation and frustrating.

8. Body odour :

  • When you are sweat, the bacteria on your skin patches starts breaking down the sweat molecules, which leads to body odour.
  • Now, if you intake less water, then your body will need to flush out moreover toxins through your sweat part.
  • The bacteria will then react each other with the toxins, leading to a strong unpleasant odour.

9.  Dry mouth and cracked Lips :

  • All of us know that awful sensation when the inside of the mouth turns sticky and dry, which means that we are not having enough water.
  • However, it does not take a genius mindset to figure or find out that it is a result of dehydration or improper water intake.
  • The same goes for dry cracked lips that get easily cracked or skin irritating.
  • These are usually or much early signs of dehydration, which can be resolved by enhancing the daily water intake.

10.You face digestive problems :

  • We spoke previous point that about the mouth and cracked lips and how keeping hydrated allows the membrane to function correctly or properly.
  • This also added to the entire digestive system. Without correct hydration, the amount and strength of mucus in the stomach area lessens, allowing stomach acid issues to do some major damage to your insides system.
  • This plays to what we commonly refer to as heartburn and indigestion.

11. Stay sick longer :

  • Drinking water allows your body to consistently flush out toxins. Your body organs start work to filter our certain waste products like a machine, but if you do not fuel the machine with water, it can’t work properly.
  • What ends up happening or showing in a dehydrated body is organs outset to pull water from stored areas like your blood cells, which leads to a whole new set of problems.

12. Constant fatigue :

  • When you have insufficient or less water in your body, you start to feel tired all the time.
  • Water essential to keep your mind active and your body in good shape.
  • People who are dehydrated can be quite drowsy and confused and sometimes this shows a severe or more deficiency of water within the body.
  • Fatigue is usually the common symptom of insufficient water content in your body or dehydrated and can be easily corrected by drinking a little more water.

So, this all things will indicate us to be hydrated… So keep drinking enough water and away from these symptoms or signs….

Thanks for your time and support and do comment your suggestions…

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