10 Health Benefits of Chess | It Improves Brain?

10 Health Benefits of Chess | It Improves Brain?

10 Health Benefits of Chess | It Improves Brain?

Hello everyone, so today I will be sharing 10 Health Benefits of Chess, do you think it improves brain health? Yes, let me know your suggestion in comments. So here after some research will share with some best health benefits of Chess game let’s begin…

If you are already a chess game lover, here’s some best brain health benefits of playing chess to make your friends literally jealous. If you are not playing chess, you should be! Try it because chess is a game that have so many good things if will help in your daily life.

The stereotype of the chess player is someone who (him or she) will be smart, logical and good at mathematics. 

Health benefits of Chess

This is why so many parent’s around the world are keen or encourage to get their children playing chess game – in the hope that the game might help to boost up their child’s intelligence levels and help him or she succeed in a more range variety of subjects.

But apart from chess being a great game, its history turned or rooted in the eastern India military, is there actually any proof to show that playing chess can make you smarter?

Hence proving you, chess game can make you smarter…

10 Health benefits of Chess : (health benefits of Chess)

1. Chess exercises both sides of the brain: 


  • When playing chess game, your brain will be challenged to exercise logic things like, develop pattern-recognition, make decisions both visually and practically, and test your memory power.
  • Chess can be enjoyed by any age group as a result, these brain exercises can be part of the health benefits of your brain for your entire life!
  • Yes, an active brain is a healthy brain in your life!

2. Improves memory: (health benefits of Chess)

Health benefits of Chess

  • Playing chess can enhance your memory power.
  • Because of its complex rules that the players have to always remember when making a move of chess coins and also uses your brain memory recall in avoiding previous mistakes made or remembering the playing style of the opponent ones.
  • Good chess game players have an super excellent memory.
  • It can significantly increase a person’s memory and verbal skills, as well.

3. Strategic Thinking: (health benefits of Chess)

  • Chess game is considered to be a strategy game.
  • – this explains that in order to win, you must have a better planned of action than your opponent ones.
  • But no one is born with such ability to conceive great strategic turns, it must be learned by practicing more.
  • To many people, strategy is associated with war and army thoughts generals planning their attacks with strategic moves.
  • This example is not far from chess game.
  • Just like a general commands his army, a chess player commands his or her or their own pieces in a battlefield of black and white.
  • So playing chess greatly increase the ability to develop certain strategies and plans.
  • And no, this benefit is not only useful to army generals and chess players
  • – to enhance a good strategic mind is much more productive way, because it creates the best plan of action for every daily task in your life.
  • Also, strategic thinking is a life savior in academic and work environments or places,
  • because everything is planned one step by step ahead and there’s always a plan B.

4. It Also Helps You Focus and Maintain Concentration:

Health benefits of Chess


  • Chess games are well known or fame for their longevity and the way that they can sometimes last hours and hours on end.
  • During such a long period game, you need to keep concentrated on your goals so that you don’t overlook a detail and make a costly mistakes.
  • At the same time, games sometime come down to the point which means (to the wire),
  • when the clock is ticking and you need to make the right decision, fast.
  • At times like these, it helps to bring all of your focus mind to bear on the task at hand,
  • rather than being distracted or any obstacles by other things.
  • Matches played with chess clocks (with time) can be some of the most strenuous for your mind, offering the best good benefits.
  • These are skills that chess hones in its players brings that can be widely applied in all other things of
    daily life.

5. It Gives Your Problem Solving Skills :

  • Chess is a game all about solving a series (step by step) of increasingly complicated problems and puzzles solving,
  • so it should come as no surprise and be cleared to know that it works your problem solving skills as you play chess.
  • What is surprising is that your problem solving skills seem to work a bit like a physical muscle movements, in that the more they are worked, the stronger they get fixed.
  • Yes, people are getting a workout sitting down at chess tables across the world or country!
  • The foresight and constant planning and replanning required in a typical game of chess give these skills,
  • an intense bulidup workout that grows up over time and
  • Helps you become better and better at solving complex problems skills.

6. Chess teaches you how to win and lose in your daily life :

Health benefits of Chess

  • Of course everyone loves to win, but it is just essential to learn how to accept losing.
  • As the saying goes—sometimes you give the lesson to others, and sometimes you receive the lesson from others!
  • Most essential, try to learn from those losses and come back a better or best player.
  • Just as in life, we need to get back up when confronted with failure things and come back stronger and wiser in life.
  • Winning with grace is an essential character trait that chess can teach a person.

7. Chess helps to develop creativity:

  • All says a persons’ personality comes out in their chess game.
  • A shy and passive human might play more reservedly while an outgoing and social human might be a bold attacker while playing chess.
  • The wonderful part of chess game is that there is room for everyone’s styles and personalities in their own.
  • In your own personal way, you can show your creativity in the type of moves, plans, tactics and
  • how to be take decisions that you come up with at the board.

8. Chess as a confidence builder : (health benefits of Chess)


  • Chess is all you (it’s you) – you put in the time studying purposes,
  • you put in the time competing in tournaments eve,
  • you spend the time analyzing or finding your losses and finding your weaknesses more.
  • With all this work a sense of confidence is developed (ask yourself).
  • Even working through a tough situation where you can in your chess development can help you increase or build resilience and confidence.

9. Raises your IQ : (health benefits of Chess)

  • Do smart or intelligent people play chess, or does chess make people smart or Intelligent?
  • At least one essential study has shown or proved that playing the game can actually raise a person’s IQ.
  • A study of 4k Venezuelan students produced significant rises in the IQ
  • scores of both genders (boys and girls) after 4 months of chess instruction.
  • So grab or purchase chess board and improve your IQ!

10. Helps prevent Alzheimer’s :

  • As we age, it becomes increasingly essential to give the brain a workout,
  • just as you would every other major muscle group, in order to keep it good health and fit.
  • A study featured in The New England Journal of Medicine found that folks over seventy five who involves in brain-games like chess are less likely to develop dementia than their non-board-game-playing peers.
  • The saying “use it or lose it” concept certainly applies here, as a sedentary brain can reduce brainpower.
  • All the more reason to play chess before you age turns seventy five.

So hence it’s proved that while playing chess game can improve and enhance your brain health.

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